Teaching Tips

10 Tips for the EYFS.

How I observe in the EYFS.

Here are 10 routines that I use in my classroom timetable. What are your routines? 

Here are 5 patterns that support letter formations to be used at the early stages of children's writing. 

This video shows you how to lock the app so children cannot change it to another game without your consent. Also you can setup a time-limit if you are concerned about the amount of time a child is using the app for.

In this video I talk about a strategy I use on a daily basis to open up a dialogue with the children in my class about their behaviour.

Quick demonstration of the correct Pronunciation of Phonemes that children learn when beginning to read and write. Demonstration by an Early Years Teacher.

Group 2 set of Phonemes pronunciation guide

Here I demonstrate blending & segmenting words. I explain the terms, grapheme, phoneme, trigraph, digraph.